Isn't this lathe turned pinecone and resin vessel stunning?! Truly one-of-a-kind and such a lovely ode to the wonders of nature. 


"All of Dave's turned creations are made from reclaimed, found or salvaged wood. Taking a piece of wood that is neglected and potentially sent off to rot, decay, chip or burn, casting them with a food safe coloured resin and then turning them into an heirloom creation is one of the most satisfying processes he knows. All of Dave's pieces are then polished with pure beeswax from a family member's bee farm in Saskatchewan.


About the epoxy resin used - Based in Canada, Designer Epoxy have built a reputation over the last decade as a leader in food safe epoxy resins and pigments, offering a premium line of 100% pure epoxy resin and pearlescent pigments. Crystal clear resins made for artists." - Dave Brewin


Dave Brewin - Pinecone & Resin Vessel

  • Medium: Food Safe Epoxy Resin, Pinecones, Pure Beeswax

    Approximate Dimensions: 3.75 inches tall x 8.75 inches diameter