Wear a beautiful birth flower necklace as a reminder of connection to Self, or as an ode to a loved one! 


Made with love by Ebb & Flow Jewelry (Penticton, BC). 


A newer trend in floriography has been to attribute each month it's own flower with corresponding characteristics. These characteristics are thought to be "inherited" by anyone born in that month. 


Knowing about birth flowers can come in handy when choosing the perfect gift - whether it be a bouquet of flowers or a pendant with their birth flower on it (or someone's they love).


Below is our guide to the birth month flowers and the characteristics that go with them:


January - Carnation (Admiration, Deep Love)

February - Violet (Faithfulness, Modesty)

March - Daffodil (New Beginnings, Prosperity)

April - Daisy (Innocence, Loyal Love)

May - Lily of the Valley (Sweetness, Purity)

June - Rose (Love, Beauty)

July - Larkspur (Positivity, Open Heart)

August - Gladiolus (Strength of Character, Faithfulness)

September - Aster (Love, Affection)

October - Marigold (Passion, Creativity)

November - Chrysanthemum (Loyalty, Honesty)

December - Narcissus (Hope, Good Fortune)


Please note: price is PER necklace.

Ebb & Flow Jewelry - Silver Birth Flower Necklace

  • Material: Sterling Silver

    Pendant: 0.35 inches x 0.55 inches

    Chain length: 18 inches