The only thing that could come close to being as cute as your furry friend would be one of these Canine Cups! 


Made with love by Fox and Beagle Co. (Toronto, ON) and Chloe the Pug approved! 


**Handwash only please** - These mugs all come adorned with liquid gold which is applied by hand before the third kiln firing. 


Please note: Price is PER mug. Sculpted dog face is on one side of the mug only! Chloe not included... 


Fox and Beagle Co. - Ceramic Canine Cup

  • Medium: Clay, Pottery Glaze

    Approximate Dimensions*: 4 inches tall, 3 inches diameter (mug opening)

    * Due to the handmade nature of this product, size and design may vary slightly from what's pictured.

    Handwash only please.