Add a little extra beauty to your home with this lovely Queen Bee print from Sarah Clement (Gibsons, BC)!


The Story

"Bees are intelligent, magical creatures. They are incredibly important pollinators and therefore hold a close connection to the food we eat. This piece honours the magnificent honey bee.


Years ago, I was volunteering on an organic farm in Spain. Long days were spent working in the garden, eating delicious home-cooked Spanish meals and enjoying afternoon siestas. It was there that I got the chance to peek inside some bee hives. I was suited up in a bee-suit, with the swirling pine smoke around me, luring the bees out. I remember a moment of fear, as the bees buzzed around me and then a serene feeling of calm washed over my body. I stood there, looking at the honey glistening in the sun, the honeycomb and the flap of tiny wings, witnessing the beauty of everything working so seamlessly together." - Sarah Clement


Sarah Clement - Queen Bee Print

  • Approximate dimensions: 12 x 16 inches