A dainty pair of silver hoops with posts that feature tiny crescent moons textured with the use of a maple leaf skeleton.


Artist Statement: 


"Each piece of jewellery is handmade from scratch right here in my home studio. My process is very intuitive and I like to let the materials speak for them selves. In some cases the pieces I make may have irregularities, but they are part of the design. I like to leave the pieces somewhat raw in order to showcase the organic feel of the designs."


The Artist's process:


"First I make a silicone mold with the plants that I collect. To make the embossed leaves in silver I use silver clay which is pure silver mixed with a binding agent. It’s exactly like clay when wet. I can form it into any shape and use the silicone molds to create the plant shapes in the clay. I also sometimes use the plants and roll the leaves directly into the clay to make an imprint. The silver clay has to dry for 24 hours before it’s fired. The firing process burns away the binding agent leaving behind a solid silver piece."     

- Zoe, Umlaut Jewellery

Umlaut Jewellery - Silver Mini Moon Hoop Earrings

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  • Medium: .925 Sterling Silver

    Approximate Dimensions: 0.5 inches diameter (hoops), 1/4 inch diameter (earring adornment)