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So Freakin’ Grateful

As I sit here listening to beautiful music, delicious food cooking in the oven, pugs laying at my feet, and inspiring artwork beckoning to me from my walls, I can only feel immense gratitude for this life that I’ve been blessed with.

It isn’t my mission here is to sound like your next ‘Self Help’ article, but I recognize how easy it is for us as human beings to focus on the negative, sometimes upsetting aspects of our lives. It appears to be ingrained into our DNA and we further become engulfed by it through media; which is precisely why I don’t watch the news…I can make myself sad enough, let alone mixing in the pressures and injustices in our world as a whole.

But complaining about the depressing (though often important) qualities of life and the behavioral traits of the human psyche is not why I sat down at my laptop tonight, inspired to write.

I am so freakin’ grateful! This pilgrimage, often to referred to as ‘life’ astounds me…especially the more I think about it. Similar to the ‘bad’ things, the ‘good’ things begin to multiply rapidly when we bring our awareness to them. I suppose this is why gratitude journals are so popular (a wonderful reminder for me to start writing in mine again).

We have an absolutely amazing community here in the Okanagan that appears to be flourishing more and more as time flows along. I cannot believe how many talented, artistic, and open people reside in our little town (also growing exponentially)! I thoroughly enjoyed attending the Slam Poetry event at the Laurel Packinghouse a few Thursday evenings ago…the level of ‘wordsmithery’ (yes, that is a made-up word) was extremely inspiring! Kelowna’s arts and cultural district is booming and there are so many opportunities for us to inspire one another through spoken word, performance arts and the arts as a collective. It’s exciting to daydream about where we could be in 5, or even 2 years from now!

It’s only recently that I’ve felt like I’ve truly come home to myself and am on the path towards the lifestyle that previously felt like an unattainable dream…a fantasy, really. Since my goals have manifested into Karmyc Bazaar, I am blown away by the amount of support and love poured upon us by our ‘tribe’. Amazing friendships have blossomed and/or deepened, and there’s a poignant sense of community; fellow business owners really do strive to help one another succeed, and it’s beautiful to see. There is no need for competition, there IS enough and we ARE enough for everybody to thrive.

A special thank you to YOU for sharing your unique energy with me, and for embracing mine. I am overcome with gratitude.

Reconnect ~ Get inspired.

– Jennelle

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