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The Cement Wall ~ Art

There is a cement wall with chipped, cracking paint beside the bus stop I wait at each day. For many, a first glance (if there is a glance of recognition at all) shows it to be a dirty, old wall. For me, it is a reminder to stop and notice the little things…

When I look at this wall I see markings of tree branches that almost appear painted on by nature. Within the paint chips, I’ve discovered little heart-shaped patterns. The wall is a constant for me. It’s always there, it is for the most part unchanged on a day-to-day basis, and I admire the beauty of it; it’s almost like my own secret art piece that I have the privilege of admiring while I enjoy a few moments of stillness while waiting for the bus.

Life is BUSY. I work two jobs: one is very fast-paced and often stressful, the other is my own business, so while I love it, it’s a lot of work. Between that, keeping up a household, having two amazing little pug beasts to love, a husband, friends and family to adore, and some stolen time for myself, there sure isn’t a lot of hours left in the day for stillness. I used to dread the moments at the bus [still do some days, let’s be honest here], but more often I savor my time taking in this wall and remembering to stop and really enjoy the simple things in my daily life.

There is a lot to be grateful for, a lot to stop and truly enjoy. May this be a reminder for you to find your own secret tableau of beauty and simplicity in your life…even if it’s just for a few moments at a bus stop.

With love,


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