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Peaceful Paradise…Right Here

Being very honest here: opening a new business, especially while still working close to full-time, has been VERY challenging. I’m loving the journey, but there are days when I am working over 12 hours. Attempting to maintain a sense of balance (a fine balance) is interesting. Sometimes I feel as if I’m teetering along on a very high tightrope with several large books balanced atop my head. They are titled: Responsibility, Marriage, Pursuing Passions, Family & Friends, Alone Time.

So those almost seemingly “stolen” moments are especially blissful right now. Between leaving my job and heading to the gallery today, I felt compelled to stop at one of my favorite [but often forgotten] places in Kelowna: Kasugai Gardens.

I expected it to be empty, being Tuesday at 2:30pm; I was delighted to see so many people obviously also taking some stolen time to simply BE. It’s strange, even though Kasugai Gardens is right in the middle of our bustling downtown community, it felt as if I was being enveloped in a quiet sort of peace as I walked through the gates. The light felt softer, the air was quiet, my breathing slowed and I invited in the sweet stillness as I sat down by the water. There were turtles basking on a sunny rock and koi fish lazily swimming along, without any apparent destination in mind. Oh to be a koi fish for a day or two!

It’s amazing how easily my mood shifted from what I needed to do, to simply being…after only taking a few minutes to breath, relax, feel, watch and allow. I plan on stopping at one of my favorite places more often now, and hope you too will feel inspired to find your own peaceful paradise…if only for a few moments in your day.

With love (and stillness),


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