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What’s in a Name?

I had a customer come into our new location (which we are LOVING, by the way) yesterday and ask me a very thought-provoking question:

“So, what does Karmyc Bazaar mean?”

At first I was a bit taken aback…it’s a completely understandable question, but one that I hadn’t been asked directly before.

“A karma-inspired art market” was my initial answer, and to my delight she delved deeper:

“How would you describe artwork HAVING karma…or does it?”

I felt a stirring in my belly, which seems to happen when I’m in the exact place that I’m supposed to be, tapping into my inner, authentic self.

“I believe art does indeed have karma. The artist is pouring a piece of their soul into each piece they create. When their creations move/inspire somebody else, the karmic circle grows, and cycles back to the artists. Our shop is all about reconnecting people with their inner selves and getting inspired.”

The answer came quite simply to me, but it didn’t feel like a “cop out”, or a fake answer.

She gave me a lovely smile as we locked understanding eyes. Powerful!

I don’t imagine I’ll always have the answers, but I WILL find them out for you. Please come in anytime and ask me anything you’d like about our business adventures, the gallery, our artists, etc. We love to share our passion for artwork and community!

With love,


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