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A Moment Witnessed

There was a beautiful exchange I had the blessing to witness last week that keeps floating around in my mind…and I’m feeling compelled to share it with you!

I had a rare moment where I felt caught up on my work (haha who was I kidding?!). This seemed like cause for celebration, so I took myself out for sushi at one of my favorite local restaurants, and popped into a second-hand bookstore that I’ve been haunting since I was probably 6 years old.

Whenever I walk through the door of The Book Bin, I always feel a sense of “coming home”. This has been my little haven of bookstore bliss for as long as I can remember, and this also means I’ve known the owner for…wow…23 years!

While I was browsing around, looking for my next literary treasure, I heard another customer enter who was also greeted like family (this is one of the many reasons I LOVE shopping local). She then said something so beautiful:

“I feel blessed that this shop exists and for YOU, Pat.”

The owner began saying how blessed SHE feels to have worked at a job for over 20 years that she absolutely adores and is genuinely happy to go to every day. She described arriving in the mornings, saying hello to other shops opening up for the day, and feeling that sense of community.

Energetically, the room felt full of love and gratitude…and for me: inspiration! I’ve just given my notice at my regular job this week to work at KB full-time, and to hear somebody whom I very much admire saying authentically how much they love what they do was magical!

It was another wonderful reminder about why it’s so important to SHOP LOCAL! You are supporting somebody’s dream and helping them to live the life they’ve worked so hard to create for themselves. You’re putting food on their table, you’re helping to build community, endorse the arts and so much more!

More about this later, but as of August 19th our hours will be:

Wednesday through Sunday, 10-6!

I hope you’ll pop in to visit me and support local dreamers like myself and so many other amazing, inspiring people around us in our community.

With love,


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