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There’s a well-known saying that we’ve all heard thousands of times (and seemingly ill-timed when we hear it): “Everything looks better in the morning.”

It seems that I’ve heard this several times when I’ve been upset, and in that very moment the darker side of myself feels like smacking whoever just said it to me, though their intentions were of course coming from pure love and concern.

But wow is that true for myself this morning! I had had a slower day at the shop yesterday and I went spiraling down an extremely anxiety-ridden rabbit hole that I couldn’t seem to claw my way out of for most of the day. Nearly in tears, I had written a very dark, very negative blog post that I’m happy to say I did NOT publish. It was good to write out the emotions, but it’s really not something that needed to be shared with you, my friends.

Last night I had a good chat with myself about measuring success differently, not being so damn hard on myself, and realizing that if I continue down this path of gauging my self-worth on the daily sales at KB, that I would surely create little ulcer-demons in my belly and seeds of depression; one of the main reasons I’ve pursued this endeavor is to break FREE of the stress and the sadness/feelings of being suffocated by the regular “9-5 job”. So why the Hell am I doing this to myself? I can’t spread the blame around either: this is fully how I allow MY perspective to affect MY moods.

I knew becoming an entrepreneur wouldn’t be an easy journey, that I’d be working harder than ever before, and that the pressure to “succeed” would be a lot different, as I am now supporting my own dreams rather than somebody else’s. But there still has to be softness.

My sleep was long and fairly deep last night; I woke up with a sense of excitement for the day… and dare I even say: GRATITUDE?! There’s much to be thankful for! I’m actually doing what I’ve wanted to do for years, so why not enjoy the journey thoroughly no matter the outcome?

It takes bravery to plunge into the unknown depths of owning a business and committing to it full-time and I actually need to celebrate this and all of the other smaller successes that I experience every day. I’m quick to shrug off compliments, to bow my head when loved ones (and even strangers at times) tell me that they’re proud of me. But it’s time to lift my head, meet their eyes straight-on and acknowledge it!

So I drove myself (another feat to celebrate!) down to KB this morning bright and early, opened the doors, greeted the shop, and reveled in the fact that this is MY shop, I’m here nearly every day getting to fulfill and nurture my dreams and dammit I’m going to fucking enjoy the ride for once.

Please take the time to celebrate your successes, no matter how small they may feel and remember that old saying: “Everything looks better in the morning.”

With love,

Jennelle xo

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