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Recently I’ve been pulled into a situation where business and friendship have been so intertwined, that the web is thick…and I mean THICK.

It brought me back to my high school days (not my favorite time) where I wanted to know what was being said about me behind my back, but was continuously hurt by that thirst for details. Nobody enjoys being talked about, yet we all seem to do it at some point = also something I’m working on.

Many historical figures have shared stories where their great ideas were scoffed at, where they were told over and over again that they couldn’t do something, or that their concept was insane. Now I’m not saying that I’m in the running to be the next Albert Einstein here, but this has always struck a chord with me. I often cheer for the underdog, as I strongly identify with them. Things often don’t come easily; hard work, perseverance, patience and strength is essential. I have a pattern of giving up when something is tough, or when my confidence wanes and my brain tells me that I’m not good enough and should just “quit while I still can before I have to admit full failure”.

This time, friends? I’m not giving up! I’m determined to show myself and those around me that I CAN do this, that my dreams are worth it…that I’M worth it. I’ve heard that I don’t know what I’m doing and I won’t succeed…this initially hurt, but now I’m ready to meet that head-on and fight for it.

There’s no point in going backwards in any sense if I can help it. I don’t need to know what’s said behind my back anymore, because it simply doesn’t matter: there’s no power there. I know who I am and that’s good enough for me.

With love,


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