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Exploring Your OWN City

As I look back over my last…oh half dozen or so blog posts, I sense that my melancholy has been quite prevalent. The mercury retrograde is almost over, so it’s time to shift my perspective further, and bring some sunshine!

With the Summer winding down and tourists bunking in for the Winter season, us local businesses often feel the “September slump” flop down rather quickly. We have so many amazing shops, artists, and restaurants right in our own communities that I’m delighted to support all year round, especially in the slower months.

Want to help out? Why not plan a day where you explore your own city and take a tour of Kelowna…fun, right?! If I were to have my dream a day off, here’s where I’d hit up:

~ Crawl out of bed and drag yourself to any of the Bean Scene locations (my personal venue of choice is their new coffeehouse in the Lower Mission on Pandosy Street). While I’m not a coffee drinker, I’ve heard amazing things…and I swear by their chai tea latte with almond milk. BAM!

~ Now, the grand-daddy of breakfasts, the purveyor of mimosas, and the best wake-up atmosphere: The Bohemian Cafe on Bernard in downtown Kelowna. The “BC Benny” is my absolute favorite item on their menu!

~ With your bellies full, it’s time to walk off breakfast and check out some of the awesome local shops we have in the downtown core: Karmyc Bazaar (haha gotta fit in a plug for our shop) on Pandosy Street for your darker art, fused with the whimsical, Funktional on Bernard for a beautiful array of locally-made jewelry, pottery, hats, artwork, clothing and more, Calowna Costume also on Bernard just in time for your Halloween costume needs (and year round goodies), and The Green Vanity on St. Paul for ethical, green beauty products that I absolutely swear by.

~ Lunch time yet? Fill up again on the BEST sushi in town at Momo Sushi on Bernard. I highly recommend their “Spicy Veg Roll” and “Dynamite Roll”.

~ Here at KB we LOVE treasure hunting! Do yourselves a favor and head up to the corner of Ethel and Clement to Lois Lane. You’re sure to unearth several antique treasures to infuse your eclectic style with. THEN go a little further up to Laurel Ave., and pop into Zangbell and Gill for sweet retro furniture and decor.

~ It’s the afternoon now, so drinking is totally acceptable (mimosas don’t count!). Rest your feet and order up a craft brew from BNA Brewing Co. on Ellis Street. Their industrial style, sweet servers, and delicious drinks are well worth the stop. My husband’s favorite beer there is the “Slow Night Kolsch”.

~ Earn your dinner, and get inspired by some more artwork! Head over to our old stomping grounds and visit Beverly and Jolene at Vibrandt Art Gallery Studios on Cannery Lane. They have 5 working artist studios and lots of beautiful artwork to peruse. From here, you MUST see heART School back on Bernard (above Momo Sushi). Carrie curates and runs this gorgeous heritage art studio space where several local artists create their work and display it. This is definitely my favorite building in town…the energy is palpable!

~ No Kelowna tour can be complete without a visit to Fernando’s Pub on Bernard for dinner. Order up a “No. 34” to drink (avocado margarita = heaven) and the Fish Tacos. This funky Mexican-themed bar offers delicious meals for $7 and you can never have just one drink.

~ I’m sensing an art and drinking theme here, as I offer up my final suggestion: visit Wilbur at Wine & Art on Lawrence Ave. Delicious tapas, a gigantic wine menu, live music on select evenings, and art workshops make this venue one of the most unique and fun places to hang out and get inspired.

Whew! There’s a fun-filled, arts induced day that I guarantee you won’t regret. Please take the time to explore your city and support all of our local businesses, especially in these slower months. We all appreciate it so much!

With love (and drinks),


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