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The Power Of 9

Today I was let go from my job.

It truly came as a surprise; I wasn’t expecting this when my boss asked me to go for lunch with him. There was a bit of a twinge in my belly when he phoned me on my day off, but my brain didn’t even register this possibility (oh hindsight).

I only worked for the company once a week at this point, as I was slowly phasing myself out to pursue my shop owner dreams. So it’s not even that it’s thaaaat scary to lose the job…though I’m fighting the urge to have a crying attack and start scouring the job listings online.

Lately I’ve been putting some extra awareness into my habitual patterns, especially the emotional ones. Normally in a situation like this, I would lose it completely…there’d be sobbing, lots of phone calls to loved ones, a panic attack, and the aforementioned searching obsessively through the available job listings.

But with this awareness comes some space for freedom. I’ve instead chosen to take some deep breaths, keep busy, and remind myself that everything really does happen for a reason! I recently had a powerful psychic reading/business mentorship meeting where I was told that in numerology, this is the “year of 9“. Anything that isn’t supposed to follow us into 2017 will burn up and need to be let go of. I’ve certainly noticed this in other aspects of my life: friendships, worries, possessions…and now, the job I honestly disliked quite a bit.

The beauty here is that I can admit that I really didn’t love the job. It stressed me out greatly; even when I was just there once a week, I was filled with dread on Sunday evenings knowing I’d have to go in on Monday morning.

So here I go, welcoming in the transition and trusting that it’s happening for a reason beyond what I can fully see right now. I’m choosing to let go of the anxiety around not having that “security blanket” to turn to if things at KB get rough, or I decide that I simply need more cash flow to move through life.

Once I was able to see this and accept it…I felt a bit of excitement! It’s time to move forward, truly do what lights me up, and fuck the habitual emotional patterns that are trying VERY hard to rear up.

With the “year of 9” concept in your consciousness: what have you let go of in your life this year? Is there anything (like habitual patterns) you choose to release? I’d love to hear from you!

With love (and non-attachment),

Jennelle xo

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