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Kindness…Enough Said.

There are a lot of negative aspects of our world and the human experience that we could focus upon if we so choose: war, poverty, slavery & abuse, and the smaller ones: gossip, financial woes, and bad drivers; the list goes on and on if we let it…

Having the opportunity to interact and connect with the community gives me a wonderful chance to see multiple sides of humanity. More often than not, I’m touched by a complete stranger’s kindness somewhere during my day. Whether it’s somebody raving about KB, holding a door open for me, or even surprising me with a totally unexpected gift or act of kindness, I’m astounded and blessed!

Life has been an interesting journey as of late. I’ve had a lot of tests of confidence and patience; some days this has gone better than others. But what lifts me up and reminds me that it’s all worth it and the world really hasn’t gone entirely to shit, is the love and kindness of those around me, particularly strangers that suddenly aren’t strangers at all anymore.

Tait and I went and hung his first solo art exhibit the other night at Tidal Elements in Vernon. As we walked through the door, I was immediately embraced by a warm glow of positive energy (very reminiscent of Trinity Yoga and now Tandava Yoga) in Kelowna. The owners of this space are absolutely lovely! As they stayed late to help us hang Tait’s artwork (very sweet), we were gifted with homemade soup and treats, and a succulent garden to take home…just because! No strings attached, or expectation of something in return. We had never met our gracious host before and these acts of kindness reminded me yet again of how blessed I am.

I then tune in to one of my favorite husband-wife entrepreneurial duo’s video channel (check them out: Young Living/Tonia & Colin McArthur:, and what were they sharing?


Even though we could choose to become bitter towards current events, gossip, or that driver that cut us off this morning, what’s the point? I know when I’m able to do something for somebody that isn’t expecting it (and I nothing in return), how amazing I feel. There’s that positive energy that radiates outward and truly makes our world a better place. THIS is what we need to focus upon, friends! This is going to help heal our world and move us forward.

My challenge to you: what can you do today that makes somebody’s day special? It doesn’t need to be elaborate, or cost money…feel free to share below and lets get inspired!

With love,

Jennelle xo

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