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Being Open

If you know me well, you’ll likely chuckle when you hear me say that I’m a classic hermit: cuddled up on the couch in my pajamas with snacks and my man (and a pug or two) by 8pm (oh lets be honest here: 7pm) on a Friday night, is my idea of bliss! While there’s nothing wrong with taking some time to relax and rejuvenate, especially as an entrepreneur, I’m realizing how vital and rewarding it is to also get ‘out there’ and be seen.

There’s a wonderful group of ladies that host a bi-weekly business marketing session called ‘BABES in Business‘. I’ve attended the early morning meetings a few times, and enjoyed myself. However, it’s often easier for me to make excuses about why NOT to attend…parking, other responsibilities, exhaustion, and promises to myself that I’ll just go next time. Really?

The truth is that while the excuses are somewhat valid, they’re still excuses! My hermit mentality loves to latch onto these reasons of why to stay comfortable at home, or in my shop, instead of getting out into “a community of strangers”; who are perfectly nice human beings that likely wouldn’t be strangers anymore if I snapped out of my introverted ways.

So last week I had convinced myself finally that I would get up early and attend. My alarm went off that morning and immediately I was filled with dread and those familiar excuses. “You’re too tired”, “The shower still isn’t working due to our house renovations…you want to look good for these events”, “Parking will be tough”, and so on. After slothing about in bed for an extra 15 minutes, I had a stern talking with myself, washed my hair in the kitchen sink, and out the door I went!

What a delightful morning! I met some really sweet people, had meaningful conversations (NOT filled with the dreaded small-talk), heard a really inspiring speaker, ate some organic breakfast goodies, and walked to the shop fully refreshed and looking forward to whatever the day may bring.

That morning was an excellent reminder to myself to get OUT there, and be open to it! I don’t know how many times I’ve put off getting together with loved ones, going to that networking event, checking out live music (because that’s torture, right?), and so on.

While I recognize that I may need more time than some to recharge and relax, I’m noticing how important supporting my community is! I look forward to talking myself into attending more events, accepting more invitations, and getting out there…shower or no shower.

I’d love to hear what sorts of things you put off in your life? How can you become more aware of these patterns within yourself and challenge them?

With love,

Jennelle xo

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