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Eerie Dearies = AMAZING!

It’s been a while since I’ve featured a specific Artist, or product on my blog. With the holiday season creeping up, it seems like an appropriate time to begin sharing some of my favorite pieces with you that are definitely unique and gift-worthy!

It wouldn’t be a Karmyc Bazaar Christmas without one-of-a-kind items to delight your loved ones! We can pretty much guarantee you won’t see two of the same gift under the tree this year if you shop local and visit us!

A favorite art book of mine is called “Eerie Dearies – 26 Ways to Miss School” by Vancouver Artist, Rebecca Chaperon. Written and illustrated by Chaperon, this book is truly a treasure!

When ‘Eerie Dearies’ arrived at the shop, I immediately thought of my fellow literature aficionado, Leah. Just as I concluded, she ADORED ‘Eerie Dearies’ and even took some time to write a book review for us! Check it out:

“Rebecca Chaperon’s gorgeous picture book Eerie Dearies is everything I love – eerie with a touch of whimsy, literate (the Brontes are an obvious influence), and wonderfully surreal. It consists of 26 lovely textured paintings of Gothic heroines overlaid over old book covers. From astral projection to the zombie apocalypse, it’s a veritable alphabet soup of the supernatural and the weird. My favorite is “E Is For Ennui” – a sad-eyed, slope-backed girl gazes longingly at a record player. We in turn gaze at her through an open window, the curtains fluttering open. It’s almost normal, until you notice her too-long, extra spindly fingers. Something is always just a little off in Chaperon’s paintings. This odd, macabre little book is the 27th reason to miss school – curl up and enjoy!”

Amazing, right?! A special thank-you to Leah for the beautifully written review. Make sure you visit her blog for absolutely gorgeous prose, poetry, and more book reviews:

Who would love an ‘Eerie Dearies’ book, you say? Well…besides EVERYBODY, I’d especially recommend it for:

  • Literature lovers

  • Teachers

  • Older children with a darker sense of humor

  • Anybody who loves witty writing and quirky/macabre images

The holiday season will be here before you know it! We hope you’ll support local and head into Karmyc Bazaar to pick up your copy of ‘Eerie Dearies’ and some other unique treasures.

With love (and a good book in-hand),


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