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I’ll be the first to admit it: I’m extremely impatient!

Everybody in my family seems to share this trait; we want things to hurry up already and come our way, especially when we’re working hard to achieve something specific.

We had a few friends over the other night who are also entrepreneurs. As it often does, our conversation flowed into business, and as always, little gems of inspiration and wisdom appeared before me. We were talking about how easy it is to become impatient, and how difficult it is to celebrate success. Once a “goal” or “milestone” has been achieved, many business owners (including myself) have already set their sights on the next prize to capture and conquer. Instead of actually pausing to notice and relish in a job well done, we’re looking ahead and stressing about the next big thing.

I am VERY guilty of this: Karmyc Bazaar has been open less than a year, and I’m impatiently waiting for word to get around about us, and for us to be the Okanagan’s “go-to” gift shop. While we ARE gaining traction and working REALLY hard, I’m barely taking the time to notice the reasons to celebrate. It’s this constant striving for the next thing.

And wow when things don’t happen as quickly as I’d like them to, do I ever get melodramatic! One quiet day, and I’m questioning the entire thing: “What are we even doing?“, “What is the point?“…and so on.

But of course it takes time and lots of hard work, and TONS of patience and dedication. It isn’t often that I hear of “overnight success stories”. More so it’s that somebody had a dream that they couldn’t let go of, and they worked hard for years to achieve it, despite the pressures around them, and the concerns of their loved ones, and lack of sleep. Their sweat and blood poured into their business and eventually, finally…it started to pay off.

So friends…I’m going to take this in stride, a lesson in patience, as that does NOT flow freely through my veins. Can you do anything to help? Yes! Be soft with me and talk me off of the ledge sometimes when my mind is racing and I’m questioning what the fuck I’m doing, and please, please SHOP LOCAL! It means everything…

With love (and mustered up patience),


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