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In Love ~ Brutally Beautiful

With the holiday season lurking just around the corner, we thought it would be a great time to feature another one of our amazing artists here at KB!

Brutally Beautiful from Vancouver, BC is very dear to us; we absolutely adore her hauntingly dark, whimsically infused artwork. Amanda specializes in mixed media jewelry and wall adornments, lovingly rebirthing her ‘dearly departed’ friends into art. All of the bones and bugs she uses in her work are ethically found, and have passed on from natural causes. A ceremony is then performed over the bones, creating a truly sacred treasure for those blessed to own it.

The artist often uses crystals in her pieces as well, providing conceptual themes of lightness and darkness, birth and death. We find Brutally Beautiful’s artwork encourages us to pause and reflect upon our own mortality, and all of the special creatures that make up the miasma of life upon our planet.

As if her mixed media pieces weren’t blowing us away already, Amanda is also an amazing photographer! Her love of nature and bones is infused into her images, along with a strong womanly energy. Many of the photos are shot in the Lower Mainland forests, showcasing the beauty of British Columbia, and providing an inspiring glimpse into the strength of the female spirit and their inner power unleashed and wild.

Who would we say Brutally Beautiful’s artwork is for? Well (besides everybody), anyone who is passionate about nature, the shadowy side of life, and the whimsical, all rolled into one deliciously dark package!

Pictures truly don’t do these pieces justice. Make sure you pop into Karmyc Bazaar and see Amanda’s work in person. We’re more than happy to give you a tour around.

With love,


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