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A Time for Reflection

It was a bit of a trip to log onto Facebook recently and see a photo from a year ago of us renovating our first Karmyc Bazaar store space. At first I squinted at the photo in confusion “it hasn’t been a YEAR yet…has it?“. But wow, it HAS been a year since we embarked on this adventure: signed the contract, and hopped on the entrepreneurial wagon!

We’ve learned a lot in the past year: celebrating successes and lessons that have both helped us to grow and refine ourselves and our budding business. It’s crazy to think that we’ve already moved spaces once, turned into “landlords” of a sort, showcased 39 British Columbian artists, hosted a few events, and are now finishing a whirlwind of a holiday December here at Karmyc Bazaar.

It’s been a lot of fun…and a LOT of hard work and sleepy days. But I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: it’s also the happiest I’ve been in a really long time. I feel fulfilled and passionate about what I’m doing and bringing to our community. It’s amazing to reflect upon the past year and all that has been accomplished, and equally exciting to imagine what 2017 might hold for us. There’s always something new to learn, challenges to overcome, and opportunities to behold that I assume I have no idea are coming my way just yet.

A heartfelt THANK YOU to everybody who has supported us this year: purchased artwork, brought in their beautiful energy and presence, been understanding of our crazy schedules and still loved us, listened when times were tough, and spread the word about our little shop downtown. It means so very much to us!

We look forward to sharing another amazing year with you. What do you hope to see happen in your life in 2017?

With love,

Jennelle xo

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