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Confession time: I’m a bit of a “pack rat”…Sigh. It’s not even that I’m necessarily trying to save things for future projects, sometimes it’s simply that I get lazy and put recycling and other items aside to “deal with later“. Later doesn’t seem to come around very often.

Until this weekend. My husband decided it was time to organize his workshop; his zest for cleaning and going through everything in his space inspired me to do the same.

It had gotten so bad in my office, that I could barely walk through the door; the floor was littered with empty boxes, bags of miscellaneous items, art supplies, and pretty much anything and everything else you can think of. Working in there was impossible, and it was bad enough that we simply kept the door closed at all times.

Well, I ended up turning into an organizing monster! About 7 hours later, I had gone through my entire office, all of the “junk drawers” in our kitchen, and my closet. Bags of recycling and garbage piled up, and I’ll be ready for the next 100 clothing swaps at this point!

Putting off this dreaded task was easy to do, but it had an underlying energy to it. One of neglect and disarray. It wasn’t until I had sorted through mountains of stuff, discovered lost items, and poured loving energy into my space, that I realized how important this was to me. Sitting at my kitchen table working felt alright this whole time, but being in my office surrounded by some of my favorite artwork, with essential oils diffusing, and the soft glow of my desk lamp lighting up the room? WAAAAAY BETTER! I feel like there’s a sense of purpose to whatever I sit down to do in there now. Our home feels revitalized, and there’s a sense of lightness in the air.

This was a beautiful lesson in my awareness of my surroundings. While it’s easier sometimes to put something “aside for later”, it isn’t nearly as simple to deal with the energy clearing that will surely come from years of pile ups later.

What are some things you can do to help clear your space, both physically and energetically? I’d love to hear if this blog post inspires you to do some sorting in your life!

With love (from my office),

Jennelle xo

(my now clean office)

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