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Netflix...And Chill?

Sometimes what we really need to hear is the most difficult to.

With the weather being colder, and the shop being slower, it's been fairly easy for me to slip into a rut: lots of screen time at work, more screen time at home...and then to relax: binge-watch Netflix shows until falling asleep on the couch and crawling to bed.

Wake up ~ Repeat. NOT good.

I've always really respected my husband's ability to tell me how it is; though it's often tough to hear in the moment. So in our usual pattern, he tells me that he thinks "we" (AKA: me, bless his heart) need to cut down on how much TV we're watching. And in my usual pattern, I get offended at first, then defensive, and then reality sets in...sigh, he's right.

Yes, curling up on the couch and watching movies is very tempting this time of year when it's dark at 4pm, but it isn't conducive to a healthy and happy lifestyle. Like everything in life, MODERATION is key.

In my defensive state, my mind had decided that he simply didn't want to spend time with me as much, that breaking our routine (RUT) of watching endless movies meant that we wouldn't connect. But duh, in reality this pattern change means so much more connection.

Contrary to popular belief: staring at a screen and not talking isn't always a way of tuning in to one another.

This conversation took place on Sunday, which isn't that long ago, I know...but I'm already feeling a bit lighter now that the cycle has been broken. We've been laughing a lot more together, playing board games, going to yoga, TALKING and manifesting our dreams, and even reading. It's been beautiful!

I'm not going to deny the likeliness that I'll slip back into this pattern later on; it's inevitable, really. But I also know that my partner-in-crime will be there to give me that friendly nudge, and I'll appreciate it (once I work through "my stuff").

I adore movies, but I also enjoy a lot of other things that nourish my soul. What about you...what are you passionate about that gets forgotten about at times? I'd love to hear!

With love (and less screen time),

Jennelle xo

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