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One of the biggest challenges for me as a new entrepreneur is speaking up (and I don't mean the volume of my voice)...

Even as a child, I was quiet and viewed as being shy. As I've grown up and (hopefully) figured out a few things; I've learned that while I AM soft-spoken, I'm not necessarily "shy". Once I feel comfortable, I can talk your ear off for hours!

Something else I've realized, is that I really need to work on voicing my thoughts/opinions authentically. Owning my own business and essentially being a "landlord" of sorts has been aiding me in this journey. Normally I would let things fester and keep them to myself...until eventually "cracking", having a mini meltdown, and moving on (?).

Pretty ridiculous!

This isn't really an option for me anymore, and although it's really tough for me to speak up and sometimes cause a bit of confrontation, it's been a freeing experience. How is anybody supposed to know how I'm feeling unless I tell them? I don't enjoy when somebody thinks I'm a mind reader, why should I expect the same impossible ability from them?! (Or IS it impossible...hmmm?)

It takes a lot of guts to share your opinions, especially when you suspect they may make the recipient upset. I often need to work up to it: breathe, think through my wording, ensure I'm not speaking entirely from an emotional state...and then actually working up the nerve to open my mouth. The words may be soft spoken, but I trust they'll be heard.

More often than not, I feel the (sometimes grudging) respect, even if it's a few hours, or a few days later. Being honest strengthens a lot of relationships, or makes weaknesses in them more apparent. This is something I'll probably struggle with most of my life, but I look forward to the challenge. If we're afraid to speak up, what else do we have?

Can you think of anything that's really difficult for you that you know you must still challenge yourself with? I'd love to hear more.

With love (and authenticity),

Jennelle xo

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