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Love Bomb

I'm certain that at times, each of us has felt utterly alone in this vast universe.

Sometimes I stand outside staring up into the sky, seeing all of the millions of stars reflected back at me, and I've pondered my seemingly small presence. When we look at the size of our home, our city, our province, country, planet, galaxy, and the infinite, it can be tough not to feel "tiny", and sometimes...alone.

I love a LOT of me time to simply be, to ponder, reflect, and decompress. But it's interesting, when I long for company and cannot obtain it for whatever reason, I can get so incredibly lonely. Working on my own for the most part is blissful to me, but again, it can be such a challenge if I'm craving human contact and it's a slow day, or I haven't seen my tribe in a while. The loneliness can spiral down the rabbit hole at this point if I let it, and suddenly I find myself wondering if anybody loves me, why I don't "put myself out there" more, if I'm THAT socially awkward as to not have anybody visit me, and so on. It's quite ridiculous when I examine it from a rational, awareness filled place, but in these moments, nothing else comes to light.

Of course I know that I'm loved, but it's so beautiful when love bombs explode in front of me, and I'm reminded of just how MUCH love I'm blessed to have in my life, even from complete strangers sometimes.

That feeling of utter loneliness hit me this morning, out of nowhere. I stood in the shop staring out of our beautiful windows, seeing people walking together down the street, or going for coffee, and I felt it so strongly within me.

And then this lovely, lovely woman entered the store, and it actually felt as if an old friend had come through the door. Her instant warmth, enthusiasm and shared passion for art and writing felt like a deeply rooted hug. A few minutes after she left, a friend popped in to say hi, and now I'm feeling inspired to share this with you as the sunshine pours through the windows.

My emotions can be like a roller coaster sometimes, as I'm sure you too have felt at some point in your life. I refuse to shut out the feelings, instead, I take them in, breathe, allow it all to work itself through me, and gratefully accept the next moment that comes along.

We are seemingly small specks in this gigantic, rotating atmosphere, but each of us makes up the whole at the same time. When my little speck comes into contact with yours, there's a beautiful energy there. Without trying to sound too 'ooey gooey' on you here, I simply wanted to share that you're never alone, not really, but it's also totally okay to feel that sense of 'alone-ness' sometimes. I invite you to take it in, and breathe it out.

Sending a love bomb your way,

Jennelle xo

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