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6 Steps to Create a Head-Turning Style

"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself." - Coco Chanel

A good friend of mine once said that she views the body as a canvas, waiting to be adorned. Being as passionate about art and alternative fashion as I am, this has always stayed with me and continued to inspire my wardrobe.

Yes, what's inside of us is the most important: our hopes, dreams, lightness and darkness, and everything else in between. But I also believe that our exterior is truly a blank canvas that we can decorate however we wish to express our unique selves.

Our styles morph as we grow older, as fashion trends change, and as we become more aware of ourselves and who we really are in this world.

Looking through old photos always makes me one point I will admit that I had bleach blond hair and may have worn a white Playboy bunny visor...eep! But that's where I was at that young point in my life, and it's fun to look back, reflect upon that and luckily see that I've moved forward with my fashion sense since then.

I think people often perceive fashion as expensive, or extravagant; but it really doesn't need to be! Some of my favorite outfits consist of simple basics paired together in interesting layers, and then a 'statement piece' of jewelry to make the whole thing pop. I'm all about comfort, but in a unique way.

Here are some of my tips for creating outfits to make you feel beautiful, inspired, and creative:

1) Curating for YOU

Collect jewelry that feels like an embodiment of YOU. If birds are your thing, find some pretty necklaces with metal birds, feathers, or another symbol that represents them for you. These will become staple pieces of your signature style.

My laser cut wood honeycomb necklace from Vancouver artist, Phresha, is definitely one of my staple pieces! We carry these beauties at my shop, Karmyc Bazaar:

2) Embrace Color

If you're like me, I wear a LOT of black! What's fun is putting together a monochromatic outfit, and then adding a splash of color with a bright or patterned cowl or belt. Check out your local thrift stores for funky accessories, or pieces from one of my favorite Canadian cowl/clothing companies, Buttercream Clothing!

3) Layer, layer, layer

Layers are so much fun! An extremely simple outfit can be spiced up with knee high socks in a beautiful color, or a long tank top peeking out from beneath a shorter shirt to create some contrast. I'm also a big fan of short skirts with leggings underneath them...still comfortable, but interesting.

Some of our favorite layering pieces carried at Karmyc Bazaar from For the Kingdom, Jenn Brisson Art, and Karmyc Designs:

4) Find inspiration in art

Texture! Sometimes it feels like I'm painting myself as I get dressed in the morning...I've always been a sucker for texture in artwork, and apparently this comes through in my wardrobe as well. Adding a few staple lace garments to your closet can create some elegant shapes, but still keeps it simple.

5) Enjoy the process

Have fun with it! While most of my clothes are black or charcoal, I thoroughly enjoy pushing the limits and buying a few really bright, 'out there' articles of clothing for those adventurous days. I recently treated myself to a super bright, zombie-patterned dress from local company, Pinned Boutique, that I adore. Wearing it makes me feel reinvented, flashy, and fun.

6) Be yourself

If you only take one thing away from this post, it's this: Always be yourself. Good advice for fashion, and great advice for life. No matter what I say, or what's currently trending, you have to be feelin' it. There's no point in trying to squish yourself into a mold that doesn't work for you. Confidence is sexy and it shows. Do what works for YOU!

What are some of your favorite staple items in your closet? I'd love to hear more!

With love (and adornment),

Jennelle xo

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