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How to be Extraordinary

The pile of dishes was growing. It was like the plates were making plate babies during the night, and the forks were having a party once we had all gone to bed.

I’ll do it tomorrow, I said to myself. I’m too busy/tired/distracted/lazy today.

The next morning…it was all still there, waiting for me. I swear, the pile was growing eyes - mocking me with their molding retinas.

I don’t know about you guys, but I can make a million and one excuses for why I “don’t need to” do something, whether it be the dishes, looking at my finances, making tough business decisions, and so on. But when I put these things off, it doesn’t mean they disappear… they simply pile up, and I inevitably get overwhelmed later on down the road.

Procrastinating also sets me up for inner disappointment, and feelings of laziness and guilt.

Who wants that?!

Becoming Extraordinary

A friend of mine recently shared a short video with me that changed my outlook: Mel Robbins’ Ted Talk.

Robbins speaks about how extraordinary people simply DO things; they get shit done, whether they feel like it in the moment, or not. She says that we have about 5 seconds to act upon something when it comes into our minds, or we likely won’t do it.

“Extraordinary people just DO IT”.

Inspired by Mel’s talk, for the past few weeks I’ve adopted this as my mantra.

I didn’t realize just how much my procrastination was affecting my life and inner wellness, until I began to DO STUFF! It seems so simple, right? If I don’t do the dreaded dishes after we eat dinner, they’ll be there to greet me in the morning and make me feel crappy for not doing them earlier. If I don’t allow myself to look at my business realistically and make decisions, things will remain stagnant, and change won’t occur (or at least not as quickly).

It’s amazing what can be accomplished, and what comes to light, when we really focus and allow ourselves to BE extraordinary.

Letting in the Light

“It takes accountability to really open the curtains and let in the light.”Tonia McArthur

Once I realized I was ready to really open those curtains wide and let the light (and the darkness) in, the effects have been truly beautiful!

Whenever I don’t feel like doing something, I tell myself: “Extraordinary people just DO IT”. Simple? Yes. Profound? Immensely!

Now when I walk past the kitchen, my eyes linger on the clean counter tops, the empty sink, and the neatly folded dishcloths.

I did this, I think. I was tired/busy/distracted/lazy, but I did it anyway. Because I’m awesome. Because I’m extraordinary.

I may not have everything figured out — honestly, I wouldn’t trust someone who did — but I’ve got this shit down.

What makes you feel extraordinary? What COULD you be doing to make you feel even more awe-inspiring?

With love,


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